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Postpartum Package

This package provides you with the ultimate in Postpartum Preparedness and support for the whole family! Contact for current rates and special deals!

Prenatal consultation

We will meet prenatally at your home (or online) to review and ensure that you're all set-up for your nursery, infant feeding stations and, diaper changing stations. We will make sure that you have all the newborn essential items and nothing extraneous! Home safety tips and meal planning also included!


Postpartum Week 1

We will set up an appointment in your first week at home, to ensure that infant feeding is going well, and that you are all set in your baby bubble as a new/growing family. This is typically the week when feeding challenges come up, and so I will be there to support you through it all!


Postpartum Weeks 2 & 3

These are often the toughest weeks, as the sleep deprivation becomes more real, and sometimes partners are returning to work. I will be there to help you determine how to get the most sleep and refine your schedules to ensure you can thrive and not just survive these early weeks. 


Postpartum Weeks 4 - 6

These weeks we will focus on ensuring that you are receiving the self care you need to get back on your feet. I will come to you at home to provide some of these treatments, and help you with the necessary referrals to other knowledgable providers. We will "graduate" you into the next stage as you feel ready and confident to do so... and I'm still available as needed after that point!

Get in Touch

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